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Have you ever tried equine osteopathy? What do you think about it?

Have you ever tried equine osteopathy? What do you think about it?
In my club, a horse was starting to be quite agressive with people. We didn't know why and it was complicated, it was even difficult to brush him! And the osteopath came and the horse had several cervical vertebra stuck, he was in pain! Now he's feeling so much better :)
My sister is an equine osteopath and the number of horses I've seen suddenly work better, eat better and generally behave better after she's worked on them, including my own, is unbelievable. My only problem is that as her sister, I'm never her priority ;-)
I don't have my horse but I have seen a demonstration once and it fascinated me! I even thought about stopping my studies to become an equine osteopath ahah!
I have! My horses see an osteopath 4 times per year. As they compete a lot, they always need to feel good and be a in good shape :) I like to be sure everything is ok
Last summer, my horse didn't want to jump anymore. He run out or refused all the time. Quite annoying... So we call an osteopath and actually the horse had several
vertebrae stuck, he was in pain, that's why he didn't want to jump. After the consultation, he was already feeling better and a few weeks later, my little jumping warrior was back! :D So equine osteopathy can really help horses and solve many problems!