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Do you work your hose with driving reins? Why?

Do you work your hose with driving reins? Why?
Absolutely. That's what I do on green horses before riding. It's great also for teaching complex dressage figures like pirouettes, piaffe and levade.
I have before, although not very recently. I mostly did it when my horse was younger because I could get her used to working off of reins without having to ride her. That way I didn't have to get on her to train her or try to ride through any bad reaction she might have to a new kind of pressure (I don't remember very well, but I'm almost certain I started driving her before I ever rode her).
I have experienced driving reins 2 or 3 times. It was nice! I did not do a lot of things (just walk, trot...) but it's an very interesting and different way to work horses!
I will soon! I am looking for another way to work my horse and I want to do some work in hand so driving reins is a good idea!