How can you remove a fungal infection from your horse' ears?

If you know of the product "that blue stuff" or so,etching like that works miracles
Believe it or not, a little bit of sour kraut juice works really well on ears and legs. Just dab a little on, and don't put too much. This only needs to be done once a week until the fungus goes away. If the fungus is oozing or super irritated, talk to a vet immediately
I would ask a vet to do it do not do it yourself !
many times my trainer has had to have a vet come out to clean it. one of our horses has that issue but won’t let us touch her ears. so the vet will usually come out and clean it
Ryan is right, it's very common, especially on young horses. You can ask your vet what he recommends you but I know you can put cream on it. But ears are very delicate, careful when you touch them!
It is very common, don't worry. You can make the funguses dry so they will fall easily. I know special product exist. You can also apply a cream but the less you touch your horse's ears, the better it is.
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