What are your tricks to make your plates hold on during a competition?

Quic Braid is made by the same company that makes Quic Color and Quic Silver horse shampoos. It is basically hairspray for horses.
I know hair spray work, but water with some sugar also!
Bryce, what do you call quickbraid? Putting two ties is a good idea yes. I also know we can use hair spray but careful, some horses can have an allergic reaction!
I typically use "quickbraid" when I am in the US but I have not seen it since being in Europe so I use hair spray! I first dampen the mane so it naturally sticks together more when I braid. Then I tie the braids up, use two ties per button, and finish it off with a good spray of hair spray. I think the double bands on the button really helps to keep them "buttoned" while the hair spray helps the fly aways stay controlled and helps them keep their shape.
My favorite techniques are to put some sugary water (yes!) with a vaporizer. You can also cover each button braid with a piece of tights and put the scrunchie after.
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