Does anyone have advice on getting rid of fungus? A few of the horses I ride are getting it extremely bad and nothing I do seems to help.

Put some ozonide water every day. It works for my pony
No he doesn't seem to care. I told them I think the vet is the best option but I work at a massive sales barn and sometimes it can be hard to get everyone's attention since I don't organize things with the vet so I am just trying to help him as much as possible in the mean time.
Oh... I guess you must call the vet quickly :/ sometimes the fungus are only in the ears and it is quite common but I've never seen a horse covered. Does it bother him?
All over but mostly ears, around the eyes, on the top of his butt mostly. I am used to it arising where the girth goes but this is completely out of control. We are considering having the vet come in for one of the 4 year olds that is covered ears to hooves in it.
Where is the fungus located?
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