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Have some of you tested CWD's 2Gs saddle?

Have some of you tested CWD's 2Gs saddle?
I have tried almost all CWD products. They are trending, that’s for sure. I know top riders in Europe show them off at the shows, but not ride them at home - at least not always.
A lot of people say that they aren’t that special. There isn’t more than €800 off stuff in it while it’s like 4000/5000 euro’s it self. I think they sit very well but i still prefer Prestige
they are not great in my opinion. if you are saddle shopping I recommend the Voltare palm beach. ( bonus: they are cheaper)
I am a western rider, but i have seen good reviews on that saddle. My sister rides english and she has a cwd 2g and it is a very nice english. (lol im a western rider but i do ride english somewhat)
Omg so nice... but definitely a different style that didn’t fit my leg as nice as I wanted... if it fits your leg tho it would be a really awesome saddle to ride in
Yes! I think that they are comfy but I feel like It puts my lower leg in a odd position, a lot of the other girls at my barn say the same
Strangely I have not heard good feedbacks on this saddle even if the brand is well known. People say this saddle is not really comfortable and too heavy
I have never had one or tried one that was actually properly fitted to me. But, I have worked for two trainers who were sponsored by CWD and had multiple 2Gs. I personally did not love them simply because they felt bulky and were very heavy. I felt like I could not obtain optimal contact with the horses I rode in them due to the amount of tack under me. I know many people love them and support the technology behind them but they are just not my personal favorites.