Has anyone seen any progeny from Sir Donnerhall II? Which dressage stallion would you choose to breed with and why?

Valegro is a gelding but his breeding is fantastic so you could breed your horse with his sire Negro
As Kareen and Alicia said, I would also love to breed Valegro with my mare of course. I also like Pepe but he's a gelding. Here are very beautiful stallions, you can take a look at this link: http://www.elitestallions.co.uk/index.php?id=6
I don't know a lot of dressage stallions. The only one I know is Valegro as he's the worldwide number one! But his semence must be so expensive
I haven't! Sir Donnerhall II is a very beautiful stallion, if I had enough money, I would be interested in breeding him with my mare. I would also breed Valegro of course! Beautiful horse with amazing dressage abilities! I also really like Desperados, Kristina Sprehe's horse :)
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