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What do you think about connected objects (halter, saddle, girth, rug...)?

What do you think about connected objects (halter, saddle, girth, rug...)?
Hi Lauren,
I'm the Ambassador of Seaver in the Middle East. Seaver is a French start up that are creating connected girth to monitor speed, locomotion, jumps and cardio. I've been using their connected girth for now 2 months and I really like it ! It gives you some interesting features such as overtraining or symmetry on the trot to see if they are sound or no, or even to check if there is something abnormal in their locomotion maybe after a hard training the day before. It's great and I think it's just the beginning, they will probably add some more interesting features!

Send me a message if you would like to know more :)

Hope my answer clarified some questions for you ;)
I've heard of the Seaver connected girth and it sounds like it would be a great asset for serious professionals, but too pricey for the average horse owner. I can't say I've heard of any of the others. I agree with Ryan, as well. I love seeing the horse industry change, adapt to, and capitalize on new technology!
I have a Voltaire design saddle. A friend of mine recommended it to me and it's true it's quite expensive but really convenient for training! If you ride a lot and compete, it worths its price
I do but I think it is not necessary to use them in equestrian center. It must be way more helpful for horse owners or professional riders. One day I would like to test a connected object, maybe the saddle.
To me, connected saddle is the best tool to train and see the evolution of a horse and his rider. I think connected halters are less useful, but it is my personal point of view!
I appreciate to see equine world is evolving and attaching importance to the horse's condition and well-being. Those accessories are for the moment too pricy but I plan to buy a connecter halter, one of my horse is very sensitive and it is hard for me to understand his body's system.
I think some can be very interesting! I especially want to try the rug. It is complicated to know which rug is the best for a horse, when he should wear it or not... If the rug is connected, it would allow me to know the body's temperature and horse's state. I would know what to do! It must be a nice evolution for the horse's comfort :) I less appreciate the halter as the horse has to wear it all the time, even if he lays down, it can be dangerous.