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What do you like the most in competition?

What do you like the most in competition?
Absolutely the bond with my horse, our silent conversation, the sensation of flying over the obstacles together too!
I do & I don't. I like it because it taught me how to manage stress, it's fun to spend the day showing with my friends, it's exhilarating, it's a great way to measure my progress, etc. On the other hand, show culture isn't really my thing. Where I live, it's extremely catty, petty, and cutthroat. I ride & compete because I enjoy it, but I called it quits when the threats started.
I do! Competition is part of my life since years, I couldn't live without it In eventing, there are so many feelings and the arenaline is at its maximum!
I do but unfortunately I do not compete as much as I would like to! I agree with Amy, it's a lot of stress for me but as I got along the competitions, I noticed I can better handle my stress than better!
Strangely I don't really like competition! I do some easy courses sometimes but competitions are a big source of stress to me! I guess I'm afraid to fail
I also do! For the moment I only do a few competitions in my equestrian center or in the centers near my house. It is true it train us to handle our stress. Competition makes me wanna do my best!
I do!! I compete since I started riding. It is a way to give the best of yourself, to go over your fears, to outdo yourself, to learn how to handle your stress and to measure yourself to the other riders.