How often do you apply hoof moisturizer on your horse's feet?

I apply hoof oil daily for my horse. Where I live, it's dry and hot and horses' hooves dry out easily, so I try to keep on top of it.
I do it every 3 days roughly, unless the weather is very dry or very wet
It depends of the state of the feet. But I am used to do it everyday. Horse's feet are the most important part of the body to me so I really take care of them. According to the horse, I apply hoof moisturizer or dry ointment. It also depends of the period of the year. In the summer time, my horses leave outside so I have to adapt the cares.
In the summer time I do it every two days but in the winter time it's not necessary for my horse :) the type on ground he lives on and his diary activities have an impact on the choice of an ointment and it's application :)
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