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What is your dream with horses (competition, becoming an owner...)?

What is your dream with horses (competition, becoming an owner...)?
First: to see my horse as happy as possible and have the strongest bond possible.
And second: have my horse(s) at home, where they can live 24/7 outside in a beautiful field with an open wooden shelter where they can go whenever they want. (+ 2 goats 💕)
Becoming an owner is my biggest dream!!
Start my own business, own my own barn, ride long into my old age. Be rich enough to go to the Olympics & cheer on my favorite riders in person haha!
To win dressage competitions and train for higher levels of competition.
I would like to win a race of course!
I dream of becoming a famous rider. I train a lot but there are many young boy and girl as me who want to become a professional rider... If I don't succeed in, I would like to become a coach or to work with young horses.
Competing, I'm currently training my OTTB to jump:) I'm also an artist/writer, so furthering my careers as an artist/rider/writer are my goals! What are yours?