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Would you like to work professionally with horses?

Would you like to work professionally with horses?
I work in horse shows, and I love it. I love being in the horse industry but still (mostly) have the energy to train my horse at the end of the day. I was a working student/intern/barn manager and also small-time trained horses in college in a variety of disciplines, and while I could do it if I needed a job, it wasn't something I was passionate about enough to want to do it for the rest of my life.
I want to stay amateur so that riding never becomes work or a burden and it stays something I do for the love and fun of it. So many people get burned out in this sport and I never want that to happen.
Maybe. For now, I plan to work in marketing and communication for equestrian brands. And since years, I dream of building a shelter to rescue horses from slaughterhouse or bad treatments. I would restore their confidence and try to find them a forever family.
Absolutely! Ideally, I'd love to run a small-time (or big-time!) stable either focusing on dressage or rehabilitating rescue horses, as well as working with local youth programs.
I guess I do. It must be awesome to work with dressage horse, to train them to their best level and see their evolution.
I also do. I want to become a jockey but I am a little bit too tall so I am not sure it will be possible. If I can't be a jockey, I would like to work in racing and have my own racehorse stables :)
I really do!! I want to be a professional rider and if I do'nt succeed, I would like to work as a coach or with young horses to train them for competition.