What is the brand of your saddle? Are you happy with it?

Ikonic :) good quality, good price, very nice and fully adjustable (even more than the wintec saddles) so it's perfect for my young horse who still has a couple of years growing up! The saddle fitter can easily adapt it twice a year :)
Black Courbette. Not in love with it, but since I'm at least its 3rd owner and I got it for a lesson saddle before I had my own horse, can't complain too much. It's lasted great over the last 6 years or so.
I have a Black Country and it's been great. My mom has a Crosby she bought in 1974 and it's still in such good shape I ride in it occasionally, as well.
I currently have a wintec :) I find it really great!! Very comfy, fully synthetic and fully adjustable :)
My mum has a Thorowgood saddle and I have a Stubben, very comfortable!
I currently ride with a CWD saddle and I also have a Albion Saddlemakers one.
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