Will you follow the Equestrian Olympic Games this year? Which trials are you excited about?

Reining and endurance
I will watch jumping for sure, I want to see Edwina winning! ;)
Jumping, it is my favorite trial!
Strangely I like to watch dressage. It is a real show of elegance! So I will watch the dressage
Yes! I'm dying to watch the dressage and see if Charlotte Dujardin is going to break any more records :)
All! I will watch every trials and especially eventing! I am sure the course will be very impressive!
I prefer the World Equestrian Games as there are so much more disciplines (reining for example)! In the Olympic Games, there are only the most common ones.
I guess. I want to see the jumping and dressage trials.
For sure! I want to see the jumping trials. I am sure the course will be amazing.
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