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Do you use artificial aids? Which ones and why?

Do you use artificial aids? Which ones and why?
For dressage I ride with spurs, it allows me to be more accurate!
I am used to have a whip when I ride, but I almost never use it. It must be a habit of jockey ;)
Actually, it depends! As I don't own yet a horse, I ride the horses of my stables and I adapt my way of riding to each horse. Some need to be ridden with spurs to help them to better understand our demands for example. I have a pair of little spurs and some whips. But if possible I ride without anything, it disturbs me more than it helps me!
I use spurs, actually I am used to ride with little spurs, they cannot hurt the horse and I know how to use them. But I don't use whips.
Not really. I prefer to ride without any artifice. Actually I know it depends of the horse. When I was riding in an equestrian center, I had to use a dressage or jumping whip for some horses who needed it. But if it's not necessary, I don't use it as I prefer to ride just with essential equipment :)