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What do you think about ethology?

What do you think about ethology?
I think there should be no distinction between ethology and equitation.
Equitation without ethology is like riding a motorcycle.
I am planning a career as a Parelli Instructor. I have seen so many horses and people change to do great things.
It's wonderful.
Actually I was very sceptical toward ethology so I decided to try a little bit. I did easy exercises with my horse to see how he will react and... I was pretty surprised!! He was very sensitive to my demands. We only did easy exercises but I think I should carry on ethology when I have some time!
I would love to try! I plan to do an introduction to ethology soon :) it is a beautiful way to understand horses and their behavior, I would love to know more about it. And it creates a beautiful relation with the horse.
I would really love to do some with a horse. I saw horses change their behavior thanks to ethology. It is a great way to build a relation with a horse, to solve problems and a new way to work with them! To me, ethology is an very equestrian approach :)
It is a great way to develop a sane and respectful relation with a horse. Unfortunately, it has been a kind of trend recently, and people started to do ethology without really knowing what it exactly is!