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What breed(s) do you prefer?

What breed(s) do you prefer?
I have a Kentucky mountain the smooth's true when they.."once you've ridden a gaited horse there is no going back"! 😀
Kwpn for showjumping!
I like Andalusian for their elegance, Hanoverian and Lusitano. For dressage, these breeds are perfect!
Selle Français is an amazing horse's breed. I also really like Holsteiner. They have nice abilities for sport.
I like Paint horse (for recreational riding), American and Belgian Warmblood for jumping !
I like French breed (Selle Français), they are rather tall, which is perfect for me and very versatile so you can do eventing :) I also like KWPN, they look really elegant. And I love draft horse, they are powerful and calm. I am attracted by Shire and Clydesdale!
I love OTTBs, drafts, and half-drafts. OTTBs because the ones I've known have had great personalities and drafts & half-drafts because of their calm demeanor.