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Do you play with your horse? How?

Do you play with your horse? How?
I do, in his box, in the arena, in his paddock. In the winter time, when it is really cold, he is in a box during the night, and I put a Jolly Ball. In his paddock, there is a grooming and massage mat on the fences so he can scratch himself, he loves it! And I plan to buy a ball you can fill with treats. When the horse nudges the ball, it moves and a treat falls out every once in a while!
Sometimes I do but careful, do not play with a horse you do not really know. It can quickly become dangerous, even if the horse is sweet. He can hurt you involuntarily!
I do and I love it! We run together, jump, go for a walk in the wood, swim, in the wood we jump some natural obstacles as trees and so on. I also give him a ball and he throw it and bite it. We have fun!
I also have balls but sometimes my horse does not want to play with it, I cannot figure out why! There is a lake near the stables so when it's really hot we take a little bath :)
I do. I have different sizes of balls, I throw it and my horse picks it!