Do you prefer to ride with short boots and chaps or boots? Why?

Paddock boots and chaps. Much cheaper, just as comfortable, and with the higher-quality chaps I got for a great price barely used, I can compete at low-mid level competitions and look great. Since I only compete 1-2 times a year, works great for me!
For the moment I have short boots and chaps but I think boots are way more aesthetic! If I start to compete quite often, I will invest in beautiful boots :)
Boots are more confortables and practical to me.
I prefer boots and chaps! As Sara, I tend to forget my chaps but I am used to only ride with short boots. It is not as glamorous as boots but it doesn't matter!
I'm terribly forgetful so I prefer to ride in boots, that way I don't have to worry about where I put my chaps again.
I compete with boots (always) but at home I ride with short boots and chaps. Boots are more elegant, it is perfect for shows.
I prefer western boots! Really comfy and elegant ;)
I prefer short boots and chaps as it is more confortable and less delicate than boots (and less expensive). After my riding lesson, I can remove the chaps and just keep the boots!
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