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Do you prefer to ride with short boots and chaps or boots? Why?

Do you prefer to ride with short boots and chaps or boots? Why?
Paddock boots and chaps. Much cheaper, just as comfortable, and with the higher-quality chaps I got for a great price barely used, I can compete at low-mid level competitions and look great. Since I only compete 1-2 times a year, works great for me!
For the moment I have short boots and chaps but I think boots are way more aesthetic! If I start to compete quite often, I will invest in beautiful boots :)
Boots are more confortables and practical to me.
I prefer boots and chaps! As Sara, I tend to forget my chaps but I am used to only ride with short boots. It is not as glamorous as boots but it doesn't matter!
I'm terribly forgetful so I prefer to ride in boots, that way I don't have to worry about where I put my chaps again.
I compete with boots (always) but at home I ride with short boots and chaps. Boots are more elegant, it is perfect for shows.
I prefer western boots! Really comfy and elegant ;)
I prefer short boots and chaps as it is more confortable and less delicate than boots (and less expensive). After my riding lesson, I can remove the chaps and just keep the boots!
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