Do you use baby wipes for your horse? I heard that the components could be dangerous for horses, how come?

I prefer to use natural products (water and sponge). I know baby wipes contain noxious ingredients for horses!
I only use them to clean the nose, but not for the eyes!! Eyes are too delicate! I use physiological serum with a cotton for eyes and it works very well.
I don't use baby wipes, it was not made for horses. I know a lot of people use them and it seems to be quite effective but I always buy products especially made for horses (shampoo...). It is better and easier to use
physiological serum or water and a sponge.
I use some on my horse (eyes and nose) as I know he has no allergic reaction to baby wipes but careful, some horse's skin can react to this product!
A few years ago I was used to take baby wipes to clean nostrils and eyes but now I prefer to use special products as I think it is not adapted to horses, it was created for babies!
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