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Horse owners: what is the weekly diary of your horse?

Horse owners: what is the weekly diary of your horse?
Monday is stretching day with a trotting in the end of the training session (as we often came back from a show on Sunday), on Tuesday I like to do some flat work, on Wednesday, we jump a little bit (gymnastic training). On Thursday, we don't work, horses go to the fiel the entire day! On Friday I like to do another trotting to maintain the horse's stamina. And on Saturday and Sunday we often have a show. If not we work again on flat work, trotting and some rides in the woods!
For our jumpers I typically only jump once a week and typically that is more gymnastic work than jumping long, high courses. Day one is typically a strength day. Depending on the horse's weaknesses, I will tailor the workout to include various lateral movement, collection/extension, hill, ect. Day 2 is a long cardio day. I will either work in the ring or if we are at our winter facility, the polo fields, and do interval cardio work. Day 3 is a rest day. The horses will get a light hack which I will focus on stretching them through their top line to work out any muscle stiffness from the strenuous workouts on the previous two days. Day 4. Gymnastics/jumping. I like to work on lots of bounces to increase hind end strength. With the young horses, I tend to do cross rails that are built into 2-3 bounces to encourage straightness. Day 5. Another cardio day, likely slightly less intense than day 2 since the horses are usually a bit more tired towards the end of the week. Day 6. A short but intense strength day similar to day 1. Day 7. Horses go out to graze in the fields and relax.

Our hunters get a very similar program but with less intense cardio. On those days I like to focus on encouraging natural, relaxed rhythm which we can duplicate when on course.

When showing this changes since we will typically be at shows Tuesday-Sunday but this is the routine for our hunters and jumpers at home.
I cannot ride everyday so the days I am not at the stables, my horse goes to the paddock, horse walker or a friend of mine rides him :) I am lucky to have someone that can take care of him when I can't. We do flat work 4 times a week and we compete on Sunday.
I jump once a week, I do flat work every day or the horses go to the horse walker. On Sunday or on Monday when we had a competition last weekend, it is rest day. Every morning the horses go to the paddock.