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How did you start riding? And when? :)

How did you start riding? And when? :)
My mom is a trainer & my grandparents on Mom's side rode, so it must be in my blood. I started riding early, at like 3 or 4 years old.
I think I knew how to ride even before knowing how to walk!
My parents are also riders so it was obvious that I also became one! :D
When I was 8 I asked my parents if I could start riding because some of my friends in school were riding!
My family is passionate and they passed it down to me!
I saw a movie with a rider when I was a little boy and immediately wanted to imitate him! Then my parents joined me in a equestrian center.
I was 6 when I started horse riding. But unfortunately I could not tell you how it started! I guess I asked my parents to ride ponies or they offered me to try :)