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What do you think of the Trust's bits?

What do you think of the Trust's bits?
Haven't used them myself but have only heard good things about them!
They have a real variety of bits, and they are all effective and
well thought. They have product for every type of horse. I recommend this brand!
My father rides with Trust bits since years! I have never tried them but he swears only by them as you can adapt the bit as you want to be sure he will be suitable for your horse.
I know very well this brand this years. I prefer their tandem bit, the quality is amazing. To me this is the only brand that succeed in making such tandems.
They have a new material called "acier sweet", it is blue. It is to make the horse drool. It is really effective.
What I really appreciate is the crazy variety of bits they have and the possibility to customize the bit by choosing the material, size, model. You can ad anything you want on the bit of your choice.
I know this brand is more famous in high-level and competition. They sell great bits.