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Do you have tips for the sale of a horse?

Do you have tips for the sale of a horse?
List your horse on! Our website is built for equestrians by equestrians. Photos and videos included with all ads, no hidden fees!
In the ad, the most important is:
- photos
- description of the horse (personality, size, age, color)
- level of the rider required

If possible, check you did all the vaccines and check up (dentist, osteopath, vet...) recently.
And of course, be sure the horse goes in a nice family...
Photos are the most important to me, it is the first thing I take a look at! And put a 5 or 6 photos (recent ones of course) in different contexts.
Yes the quality of the photos and the description of the horse are really important. If you feel a little bit insecure, you can call professionals specializing in the sale of horses!
Pay attention to the ad (orthography, vocabulary) and to the photos' quality. If you have photos of the horse in walk, trot, canter, outside and jumping it is a real plus. Be precise on the horse's temperament and the minimum level of the rider. Establish a sales contract and say why you sell the horse, people like to know the reasons of the sale.