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Have you any exercise tips for rider fitness?

Have you any exercise tips for rider fitness?
You can find a lot of good yoga programs on YouTube, and do those when you have time in the comfort of your own home. I like yogawithadriene, but there are so many to chose from.
Thank you all for your responses - fitting in yoga and/or plates classes are problematic for me as I've two horses & run around after them quite a bit turning them out and/or feeding them hay with this summers poor growth here
I like to run 30 minutes every week. And when I can, I do Rollerblade, it is excellent for the balance (and funny to do)!
Hi! Alicia is right, I like doing yoga or pilates to improve my flexibility as riding develops your musculature but does not make you stretch a lot. Running or swimming will also help your cardio :)
Some people do yoga to improve their balance!
Musculation can be effective for the legs, arms, shoulders. Cardio is also important of course.
My standard set:
- 50 crunches
- 50 left obliques
- 50 right obliques
- 50 Russian twists

And I do that 3 times through
Thanks @taeyo, what kind of exercises do you include in your ab sets?
Cardio! I do a lot of running, anywhere from 30-60 minutes. I also do ab sets for core work and lunges to improve my balance. Any type of exercise will improve your endurance, so you can really start with anything and pick what you like.