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How do you recognize a good coach?

How do you recognize a good coach?
They have happy horses willing to please. They are also respectful and always encourage your development including taking lessons from others.
I will only train with coaches that make me feel the lessons are worth while. The coaches that go in depth on encouraging the horse to move forward, getting the horse on the bit, how to use the outside rein, how to collect, etc. The coaches that just point to jumps for an hour and don't really give me feedback on how to improve - I won't ride with them. For me a good coach is one that teaches you a lot and you can see yourself improving not the coaches that sugarcoat things and really just watch you ride instead of teach.
I used to have a good coach, now is far the time when he had to tell me over and over to keep more weight in my stirrups or to ride with more effective hands or be more precise on downward transitions, I appreciate so much that he didn't give up on me to learn all this, and I think that patience is one of the main qualities of a good coach :)
Our coaches are the second set of parents that everyone needs at college, they hold us to a high standard of behavior, they lead by example, they keep us in line, and as Lauren said, they bring out the best in all of us :)
To me, they shape riders’ potential into skills, serve as role models for the team, and inspire us to be the best that we can be. They're also very involved on what you do, no matter what