Have you heard about Quit Kick for horses who kick in their box? Is it efficient?

I agree with you, I think that's a really good invention. I think horses won't do it for a day after trying one or 2 times. As Kareen said, that can be dangerous when they're aged and did it all their live long for their joints. If I had a horse who'd kick in his box, I'd buy it immediately!
I think that's a good alternative anyway. That can really be dangerous if they don't stop kicking, so I think that's a good thing :)
I don't know and that's why I'm asking about it. Maybe that's efficient but I don't know if it recognizes that the horses are just living and doing what they want, and can, or as you said they can being "punished" when they don't have so!
Yes I did! That sounds really great! A bit expansive to me, but a great solution for every horse who kick in their box, it can be pretty dangerous to a time about their joints after a long time kicking... I think they'll stop pretty soon after 2 or 3 times having some water on their face if they kick! But I'm wondering if they're just rolling in their bow, does it put on and so they're punished to have some fun?
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