Did you ever try to do a night trail? Did you like it?

I accidentally went on a night ride once. It was still light out in the open, but when we got into the woods (which we had to go through to get back) it was nearly pitch black. I just let my reins loose and had my horse take me home. I definitely wouldn't do this on unfamiliar trails though, or on a horse I didn't trust. In that case it'd probably be better to get off and walk.
Yes I do and love it. It's so peaceful to go for a moonlit ride. I try to go every full moon during the summer.

I quite like it because you must rely more on your horse's senses and give them the trust you seek yourself. It really helps build the bond too. I consider it a training milestone. My horses must be able to take me on a safe and peaceful night ride.

I find it very relaxing and rejuvenating.
I've never done it, but if I could someday, I would definitely go for it!
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