Up to you, which high level rider has the most beautiful riding style?

Penelope leprevost!
Ingrid Klimke
Beezie Madden! She's amazing!
Ups, I forgot Michael Yung
Luciana Diniz
Lol the only eventers names to be shared so far but Pietro and Luca Roman (brothers).
They are incredible riders!
Pénélope Leprévost 😍
Penelope Leprovost's and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum
Even if she is not one of the most experienced at high level, I love the style of Georgina Bloomberg!
Beezie Madden
Kevin Staut (France) or Maclain Ward (USA)
I agree with Melinda, of course! But I really also like the Edwina Top Alexander's softness :)
To me, women have the most beautiful style. When I look at Penelope Leprevost's legs, I admire her. If you look at Bosty's, you don't really dream of ...
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