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What type of turnout options do you all have your horses on?

What type of turnout options do you all have your horses on?
Stalled at night in a 12x12 stall, in the day it's a mix of arena turnout, stall with a fairly large run attached, and a smallish dirt paddock.
12 by 12 stall attached to 12 by 24 pea gravel paddock and turn out in big sand paddocks 3 times + a week. And I stick my horses in the round pen while mucking if no one using it.
Normally outside in a grassy field during summer and inside at night during winter (unless it's very cold then we put them in all day)
24/7 all year long. Our barn is also a open barn so.
24/7 in the summer and inside at night in the winter
My appy and qh both live outside in the padock year long, unless there is bad weather.
My boy live on pasture turnout in the summer and in the winter he is in after I ride him and in bad weather. In the winter they only have access to the paddock not the pasture.
Our horses live in a dirt corral now but once we get everything built they'll be in there stalls most of the day. The stalls lead out to a little shared pen . Then I'll turn them out to a grass field for about half an hour (it's not large enough to support them for grazing )
My horses just live in dry lots/pens. I don't really have the option to pasture them, but if I could I think I would want to let them out for at least a little while. They do seem pretty happy where they are, however, and they almost never get scratched up!