I have to create my own program because my horse is at home, it's very hard because I need to be regular and serious. Do you have tips ?

So, they're called "101 Jumping Exercises For Horse & Rider" written by Linda L. Allen and "101 Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider"by Lisa Wilcox. This last one have in it some real dressage exercises, but the most are about flatwork like shoulder in and side passes at different gaits. There is also "101 Schooling exercises for horse & rider" by Jaki Bell, "Flatwork exercises" by Jane Wallace and "101 Arena Exercises for Horse and Rider" by Cherry Hill. I don't know how these last three are but I think they are ok.
Yeah, that would be lovely of you to give me the titles :) thank you !
I have been without any instructor for like 3 years and I'va had to create a program by myself with my own horse.
I know that it'a really hard at the beginning but you can start working on what you and your horse need most.
If I can give you an advice, I suggest you to work on something different every day so not you nor your horse get bored.
I boight a lot of books, two of them are about exercises with ground pole and flat work (I can give you the names if you are interested in them), so I didn't have to do everything by my own.
Don't forget to spend some days in lunging your horse and in going on trip also
I'm agree with the others answers, and I propose you to dedicate one day of each week to lunge your horse.
Read lots of books! That's what I did . Take notes. Figure out what you'd your horse to do and make a schedule. You can read other people's plans. Alternate also so your horse doesn't get bored
Create a program that not only works on things your horse needs to work at but things you need to work at as well! Alternate it as well.
No suggestions, just following this because my horses are not at a barn either! :)
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