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What reasonably priced saddle brands do you recommend (jumper)?

What reasonably priced saddle brands do you recommend (jumper)?
Before choosing a saddle also consider the features that are often ignored and result in horses having back problems. Yes, I'm also talking about Prestiege,Equipe etc.

Most saddles for sale are very bad for most horses and restrict the shoulder rotation or cause pressure point on the back.
There are a few videos by Schleese Saddlery that explain the common issues.
An improperly fitting saddle can ruin your horse.
As far as I know the Balance saddles are far better than any popular brand like Pessoa or Prestiege etc.
Pessoas! There are some on the cheaper side around $1,500 and some go up to around $3,000.
I think that Prestige saddles are not so expensive and they are also a good compromise between price and quality. At least you can also buy a second hand saddle like CWD, Butet, Stubben, Delgrange, etc so you are sure about the quality but you don't have to spend much money.
Hi Salma, Henri de Rivel is a good choice to have a cheaper saddle but still new, you can also buy on second hand some saddles from renown saddler as long as the it fits to you and your mare: CWD, Butet, Prestige, Delgrange, Devoucoux... you will be sure of the technicality and quality :)
The Henri De River saddles run around $1000 and offer a decent variety of rather generic saddles. My go to is a Stubben or Kieffer. You can get a saddle that was used as a trial/fitting saddle for cheaper than retail on Stubben's website (my Stubben jump saddle was used as a test saddle for a rep at one point and is in impeccable condition).
Kieffers are decently priced for the quality and are probably my favorites.