What liniments do you use or just leg products in general?

Vetroline's deep penetrating linament gel works wonders on all my horses
Hi! I use the Super liniment from Horse Master, I spray it under my horse's wraps. Other than this I use Tendonyl gel from LPC, clay, Arnica gel or white water. I vary the use of these products depending on the weather and on the effort that my horses made. In the middle of the show season, one of my mares who has not very good legs has: ice every time during 20 minutes after her round, Tendonyl or Arnica the first day, Liniment or white water the second day, and clay on the last day, always with standing wraps :)
I too use Asorbine's Linement. Just be sure to use an incredibly small amount at first to spot check and make sure your horse isn't too sensitive to it. Each horse may need you to have a different amount since it can really sting, so use sparingly.
Every now and then (especially on horses who have leg issues) I like to use absorbine liniment.
After jumping big, or a hard days work, or any more work than usual I like to use green cool on their cannons as well.
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