Ask Horsealot Team : Are you happy with the mobile application? What does it provide you and what are your suggestions to improve your experience?

Please transalate european languages into english
Please I would like the Italian language !
Something else that would be great is a way to write little bios about our horses rather than just their name and age :)
I have the same issue as Kylie sometimes; the questions page freezes.
The other thing that would be nice is if you could see more than just one post at a time and be able to step back and see a lot like on face book so that it's easier to see older posts on people's accounts
My app freezes sometimes after I answer a question and try to go back to the list of questions.
I am! I have had some issues with it stopping if I try to post a picture on it and with it not loading my notifications, but my phone is a pretty old model, so I am not sure if the problem is really the app. In fact, I was really happy that the app supported the slightly older versions of android so that I could get it!
Thanks! You are doing a great job! 😊
Hi @silvia

Thank you for your feedback we think of developing features allowing you to manage in further details your Horsealot page (edition etc...) 😊

You will also have soon on the app a little card presenting you the person who is taking questions during live sessions and at which moment!

On the app I'm not able to edit my page (Elles à Cheval). Also I'm not able to see the live sessions like I see them on the computer.
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