Do you have any favorite helmet brand? Why?

Charles Owen!
I like Uvex!
My favourite brand is Charles Owen! I have a J3 Jockey Skull Cap and absolutely love it!
Hi Silvia, I find samshislds to be them most comfortable hamlets out there. I also think they look amazing.
Some Charles Owens are cheaper than samshields, and I find them very comfortable and protective too.
I used to really like gpas (like the First Lady) but a recent study came out thet they are on they aren't actually very protective compared to other helmets.
My favourite helmet brand is GPA, yesterday I bought my first GPA( model evo 2x) and is so comfortable, light. When I tried it on, is amazing how it holds your head. The problem is how much it costs. Some people recommended me the brand Samshield, but in my case, My head seems like a 8 floors tower haha.
Hi Silvia! My favourite helmet is kepitalia but I have lamicell. It's very comfortable and cheap!
Kiss from the Italy.🙈
Hi Silvia! My favorite helmet is GPA's First Lady, I have it in carbone and it is great : very resistant, comfortable, light, the aerations are very efficient. I almost always wore GPA's, the First lady allows le to easily put my hair up in my helmet. I also like the style of Charles Owen (recent models), and of the new brand, Kask. I will maybe purchase one of these for training when my training helmet will get too old :)
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