What is your favourite brand of open front boot? Why?

I really like equifit bacuse I find the straps don't stretch out as quickly as those of other brands and they offer support without pinching the leg.
Hi Sarah! Without any doubt, I am a huge fan of Veredus: all their products are of amazing quality and resistance. I have various models of front boots from this brand, one of them I bought over 6 years ago and it is still in great shape after being used every day. You can wash them in the washing machine, it is very easy. The material is also great for shock absorption and to avoid irritations on the skin. Some other brands such as Kentucky, Equifit or Zandona do some nice boots as well and of very good quality. If you buy front boots from these brands you will be very happy, it will be a much better investment compared to having to replace some less expansive ones every year (and not knowing if the materiel won't irritate your horse's skin) :)
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