How do you manage your working life with your horse owner’s lifestyle?

I'm lucky enough to keep my horses at a boarding barn so they are taken care of when I cannot be out there. I try to get out in the evenings or on my days off, but sometimes with the weather it isn't feasible, so I just do what I can when I can.
Im in the same case, and I'm with him just the weekend so I spend most of time with him. Even though I can't ride or I don't have time I just stay with him when he eats and lunge him :)
I’m quit in the same situation than you, I’m only at home the week-end, my mom comes to see her every morning and evening to see if she’s fine and to put on water. She isn’t worked the week and she’s in the paddock. And the week-end I try to spend most of the time with her.
That’s true that’s not always easy but you have to get some time for your horse when you own one. Is there anyone who can help you anyway? If not, the secret is organization. Being able to wake up early to ride them, or late in the evening!
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