What do you recommend for a horse with ulcers? My horse is in pain and I need a medicine that will actually work.

GNF - Gut Nutrition Formula by TRM. Great results with a prior horse of mine who suffered from stomach ulcers. Softer on the stomach than omprozal. Hope this helps 😊
I feed rice flour with a little canola oil to my horses it has done wonders and puts on a little weight
My friend feeds alfalfa cubes to help coat the stomach to lower the risk of them reoccurring after she used medication to get rid of them.. I think the medicine is omprozal but I would contact your vet
I have had good results feeding beet pulp with Brood Mare Tim Whiz along with as much turnout as possible.
I feed my horses aloe Vera liquid with their grain. It works wonders. You put a 1/2 cup of the aloe for every pound of grain. It is a good long term supplement to use after a prescribed treatment.
You can try "Gaster" by ACME, in my old barn we get it on a horse with the same problem and it has been nice!
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