What is your favorite jumping saddle brand and why? My knee pokes out in front of the flap. Would a forward flap work better as well?

Passier :)
(By a different type I mean a forward flap)
I love I love cwd and mondega. They both have nice quality leather and last . They are also nice enough to show in. They are just such comfortable saddles. In terms of your saddle fitting your knee, there are many things to consider. Are your stirrups too short? Is your saddle too small?(a good way to check this is that you should be able to place four fingers between your seat and the end of the cantle while sitting normally). If neither of those are the issue then you might be right in buying a different type of jumping saddle.
I use a Mark Todd! It is super comfy, and I've been told by my coach that my position is 10x better in it.
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