So I'm looking for an all around horse that can do like jumping, pleasure, equitation, trail and like showing Western and English. Any tips on breeds?

Haflinger. It's used for all the things you mentioned above and is a very reliable and sturdy breed.
Recomend a quarter horse
Like a few others said Quarter horses really do just about everything! I know a horse that is a reining-bred QH who is a barn favorite at rated hunter/jumper shows (although I have heard he has a weird hatred for cows...)!
Quarter horse or Thoroughbred or quarter/tb mix
Small horse/pony breed: Fjord
Normal/big horse: TB
Quarter horse or thoroughbred
Australian stock horse
Quarter horse or a paint
Tb/Quarter cross, Appendix Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred (mostly used for english but can be excellent for western usually ) Half-Arab,Paint.
I have a few more i just need to remember the names of the breeds
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