Does anyone here have any gently used/new tack for sale? (Bonnets, saddle pads, polo wraps, etc)

Ok they're all posted!
No problem 😁
Awesome thanks
Ok I'll put them on my page! 😁
I think you can post them on your page :) not sure if you can post them as a reply to a question- I'm fairly new to this app too lol
How do I do pictures? I just got this app lol
No problem 😁
That would be great thank you!!
Oh I totally get it lol! I can take them later today or maybe tomorrow! 😁
Located in Decatur, GA. Do you have pictures of your saddle pads? I think I'll have to wait on a saddle- broke college student haha!
Where are you located? I have a bunch of saddle pads that I don't use. I also have a saddle if you're interested!
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