Who likes quarter horses and why this breed in particular?

I absolutely adore quarter horses, I have owned about 5. They are very sweet, loving, reliable, and very smart. Plus they can do anything!!! I actually event my QH right now.
I actually disliked Quarter horses until about a year ago when I bought mine😂 I've met both eager-to-please QH's and total pain in the butt kind. Mine is so sweet and just tries his heart out for me. He is that "babysitter" type as a 3 year old! He is also unlike any other horse I've met, in that he is extremely smart, trusting/loyal, brave, hard working, and strives to make me happy in what I'm asking of him and just in general. I've learned that it isn't just the breed, but also the individual's personality.
I love a lot of quarter horses' jump for hunters.
I have a Quarter mare. She was my first riding horse. Quarters are more of a short distance sprint horse so people like to use them for barrel races. They have a blocker build to them also. My Quarter is one of the sweetest horses I've met 😁
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