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Were you scared at your first show? I am just starting shows and I'm stressed

Were you scared at your first show? I am just starting shows and I'm stressed
Shows are fun just think of them as a giant group lesson I THE flat classes a practice ride in dressage a trail ride in cross country and a norm al lesson in jumping and of course your trainer will always be there to guide you
Thank you so much all of you!🐎🏇🐴😜❤️
Hi Annie! Don't worry, it is totally normal to feel anxious, everyone did :) with time you will learn exactly how to manage your time at the shows and how everything is organized, so you won't have to stress about this anymore. For your first shows, try to sleep well and get in a much easier class than what you jump at home of course, with a horse that you know and that you feel confident with. If you can, go on a show before your first one to see how everything is taking place, you will be less surprised :)
My first time was a little schooling show against my friend it was just us and she beat me😂 It was fun though and I love showing because it's challenging. don't do it if you feel really uncomfortable- riding is supposed to be fun!!!🐴
First time I was really nervous, but after some competitions it was better. You get used to it, and than you are lass nervous :) Concentrated on riding! :)
Just breathe. I even sing on XC!
The first time I showed I was really nervous and I couldn't even breath!
I almost got sick when I finished the course so my trainer told me that singing while I'm riding in a show it was going to help me to breath. ;)
Try not to be stressed... shows are made to have fun!! :D
Very nervous! Don't be though it's so fun! Ride like you always do!
I was very anxious at my first show!!