What do you think about paint horses ? Do some of you have one of these ?

I use to have a paint/Arabian. His name was Ringo. He was one of the best horses I had!
Beautiful horses :) I ride some for a client and they are nice horses. Great heads and beautiful markings
They are actually quite beautiful, especially if they listen really well in English or Western pleasure.
I have a Paint mare and she is wonderful! She is so easy to train and work with, I've had her for 6 years and I bought her as a 4 year old and halter broke her. We've butted heads a few times but she is really fantastic. She goes english and western and she is brave and very sound minded.
I think about buying one of them when I'll be able to afford him, and I want to be sure it's a good decision :)
They are beautiful and flashy! The only downfall is if they have pink skin on they're nose it gets sunburned easily, but as far as the breed pinto I don't have or know about them, I have a little mustang paint and he is awesome:-)
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