Ask Pierre-Henri Ngoumou : When did you started riding and when did you tried polo for the first time? :)

Thank you for answering!
Hello Silvia,

I began breeding polo horses in 2006, I chose to stop my law studies to become a professional polo player. My father played polo as an amateur, he put me on a horse for the first time when I was really young. He owned 7 polo mares who were around 13 and 14 years old. They were the beginning of my breeding activity: I sold one to buy 8 English Thoroughbreds to school them, I kept 4 to play and dedicated 2 to foaling. Ten years ago, I had only those 7 mares. My parents had 20 hectares in Normandy, I decided to install my stable there to school polo horses. Thanks to my parents I’ve built an outdoor arena, a field to train and around 15 boxes. In 2008, the number of horses was around 60.
In 2012, when we had more than 150 horses (foals, young horses, rental horses, competition horses) I bought a stud farm near Lisieux, the Haras du Houlley. It had been abandoned during almost 30 years, there were only 24 boxes and abandoned buildings.
I hope that I’ve answered to your question in the right way!

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