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I have a green broke horse I'm training, any tips on getting him to accept the bit being in his mouth?

I have a green broke horse I'm training, any tips on getting him to accept the bit being in his mouth?
Put the bit on and take him to graze. You will form a positive association with it.
Once he responds to the pressure of he halter and understands it you can ride with four reins, a pair on the halter and a pair on the bit like a double bridle, slowly introducing him to it and initially only using the halter and having a feel on the bit, then increasing until you use mostly the bit and just correct with the halter.
First thing is ground work. He needs to understand pressure from the ground before being ridden.
Drive him around with two long ropes, with the halter (not the bit!).
At walk and teach him to stop by holding on to the ropes and keeping the pressure on until he slows down even the tiniest bit or stops. Then release immediately.
You can also place a hand on his nose where the halter nose piece is and squeeze as if you had eagle feet. Start by very light and increase gradually every three seconds. If he shifts his weight back or steps back you release completely and start again.

If he doesn't understand constant pressure he will be difficult to ride and will not correctly be on the bit.
The horses I start already know how to turn left right, speed up and slow down before I even ride them. Then when you do it's just a matter of clarifying what they already knowl. 😊
Maybe you can try to work him in the rope with the gog and the bit you will like to use but if the bit is very strong don't put him the gog
I don't have any videos of him as on now but later this week I'll try to get some, I also don't have a round pen to work him in but I work him on a lunge line. Part of his problems with yielding is that he will get anxious if his friend isn't I'm the arena with him so idk how to help that problem. He doesn't think of she is missing and will do anything to get back to her.
Also, the applesauce and wipes do work as a starter. I have used it on my babies for their first few bittings, bearing in mind that I'll start bitting babies out at age 2, (normally backing starts at age 3, so they understand what bits are way before I ever get on them). Also, I'll let them choose the snaffle, my younger mare went through 5 before she settled on one and her baby sister was fine with the first bit she was given.
Are you using a rope halter? I would do a couple of things before worrying about bitting and riding. I would round pen part of the week to get the horse to respond to your body and to develop his mind towards working. Sounds like his head isn't in the game. I would also (using a rope halter to start) begin asking him to yield his head. Be sure that you give him his release when he yields, even a little. Once he is good with round penning (and yielding) I would start up on lunging again, using the vocal commands (from round penning), I would then move him toward side reins and then ground driving. Ground driving is great to again get him to respond to bridle without you having to be on his back. Once you feel good, then a sidepull and saddle. Ride the heck out of him and ensure that he yields consistently and happily; then begin introducing the bit. But, without riding, find a bit and let him just hang out with it on. Groom him or something. That way he has less stress about it. Depending on him that can take a few months or a few weeks to get him from point A to point B. That largely depends on why he doesn't want a bit. Is it mental, physical or training. Without seeing him I wouldn't be able to say, but depending on how he does through the progression you can begin to determine the reason for it. Age is a factor, while not old he isn't at an age where he may feel inclined to get on the bandwagon. Being non response to the pressure to stop is likely to either be: ignorance, willfullness, or fear. We have to figure out which one it is before we can help him. By treating him like an unbroke colt he is being given the chance to tell us. Start slow and he may tell you he is ready for more. Do you have any videos of him being worked?
Handling wise he doesn't respond to pressure but this started as I introduced the saddle to him. I've had him for 5 years and he is very used to being on a halter but even then he won't respond to pressure to stop.
How is he handling wise? He has about 3 months of training on him handling wise? If he is yelding to pressure then start him in a side pull then transition him to a snaffle. I have had success with that.
I'm training him to be a western pleasure horse but eventually I want to jump him. Him on a lunge line wouldn't be a good indication due to him just learning how to lunge.
VET check his mouth? How is he when being lunged or ground driven. What are the plans that you have for him.
He is roughly 7, we adopted him about 5 years ago but they said he would never be rideable but over the summer I got him to except the saddle.
How old?
agree with the apple sauce, or some way to make the bit taste good. let him wear his bridle as much as possible. even let him graze in it a bit so he just gets used to it being there.
Not really a way to get him to accept a bit, but there are peppermint bit wipes for once you do get him to take it. Then he'll associate the bit with something good..