My wintec all purpose saddle is too tight on my horses shoulder is there any way I can abjust it to fit better?

On the tree
Try oiling and letting it sit overnight and then ride in dark pants the next day
Oh thank you! It's just I legit just bought this saddle and I don't have money to buy a whole new one This article is about waterproofing saddles. If there aren't any other wintecs out there with a different fit, you may have to get a new saddle and waterproof it.
I got the wintec because the barn I moved to doesn't have an indoor ring so I would be riding in all weather and the wintec and take it and it's cheap also but I understand what you guys are saying.
Buy another saddle... Wintec can not correctly fit on every horse, because of there bad saddletree...
If it has an adjustable gullet then you can adjust it there, but your horse would probably be better off if you exchanged it for one that fit if possible because although you can adjust the fuller in the front, the fit of the back doesn't change.
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