ASK Pierre-Henri Ngoumou: What qualities are you looking after for a polo horse and how do you choose the right horses for a particular match?

Hello Amy,

A polo horse has to be:

• cool in his head (being able to speed and to drop the pressure easily), at the difference of racehorses who run usually 1 or 2 minutes, polo horses are pushed intensively during 7 minutes really regularly in the season. Polo Horses play 2 or 3 match a week.
• Being carrier and strong because of the intensity of the match.
• He must be handy, I mean able to stop, to turn and to go really fast
• He must accept the contact with other horses, there are 8 horses on the field who go fast, who cross, who exceed, that’s not easy.
• And if the horse is speedy, he’s THE perfect horse.
For a match, I choose the horses depending on the tournament’s level, and on how we are doing in the tournament. At the beginning of the tournaments, I try to play with 7 or 8 horses. When we play semi-final, finals, I take less horses and I play only with the best ones. It also depends on their mental and their tireness on that day.

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