ASK Pierre-Henri Ngoumou: For which team and with which players do you prefer to play? :)


Hard question, I love playing with every team. I’ve had the chance to play with the best French team: In the Wings, Talandracas, La Quinta, Paprec, Très Marias, Lynx, La Esperanza, Mochi Chic and many other. Every team is different and I always felt good in those teams. I love learning and playing with better players than me (that’s the best way to me to improve). I’ve played with really good players as Juan Martin Nero, Lucas Monteverde, Pablo Mac Donough, Polito Pieres, Pancho Bensadon, Olavo Novaes, Dario Musso, Tito Ruiz Guinazu. I hope that I’ll continue to improve myself by their sides. I want to thank all those professionals who gave me those opportunities.

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