ASK Pierre-Henri Ngoumou: Which tournament would you like to win in your craziest dreams? What is your best memory of games this year?


This year, I’ve had many good moments but the 2 best ones are:
• A match at Apremont, that was the semi-final of a tournament with HECLA team, we were losing the match of a half goal, and there was 48 seconds left, with a cleaning for us. I was riding my best mare at the moment, Apparition, a young horse that I’ve beginning with 2 years ago, and that was her first big tournament. I started and went through the field and sneaked between the players and then went faster put the victory’s goal just few seconds before the end of the match! We went to the final and won the tournament. I was really happy and proud of the mare for who I lived the love at the first sight 2 years ago et she surpsises me every day.
• A match at Saint Tropez against Gonzalo Pieres, one of the 6 best players in the world. We were losing of a half goal at it was less than 1 minute before the end of the match. We had one penalty for us, 60 yards, and I had the responsibility to shoot and GOAL!!!! And we won the match. We were often asking me if I was stressed when shooting this ball and for the story: I hadn’t looked at the stopwatch correctly, and I thought we had 1min15, not 15 seconds! I so shot this penalty without stress because I was saying to myself he had 1 min yet to shoot.. I don’t think I’d shoot if I knew we had only 15 seconds lol

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